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Afshin was born on May 6th, 1978 in a pleasant coastline city of Caspian Sea in Iran.
Since childhood days, his heart was turbulent like the waters of the deep sea, until in his teens, by learning how to play the guitar, he composed his first song called "The Lonely Child" (Koodakeh Tanha).
His love for simple and needy people caused him to be able to feel their pain and therefore sing of love, poverty, and sad days of war and being nomads.

His immigration to Europe in 1995 marks the peak of his sensations and emotions, for in the loneliness of sad days of exile, he found comfort only in playing his old guitar, and it was in those days that he turned his exile story into a song called "Scent of Rain" (Booyeh Barun).
Afshin is step into the professional world of music in 1999. His simple folk songs, plus his different style of music, have made it possible for this young singer to capture the hearts of Iranians all around the world.

To all my dear fans arround the world:

I love you from the bottom of the ocean of my heart, and until there is sound in my throat so I can shout with, and until my last breath, I will stay in your love, from our common pains and tortures to the sweetness of our wishes and dreams.
I sing because I need to, just as I need to breathe or drink. However, my wish is not to be a super star, but it is to be a friend. Maybe you can bestow me a tiny corner of your heart so I can cry with your grief and rejoice with your happiness.

At last, my only request of all of you is to remain Iranian and live an honorable Iranian life, for we all live a transient life, and what remains of us is our good deeds.

May God be with you,

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Afshin's Albums
Scent Of Rain

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