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Moein was born in Esfehan, Iran's city of Artists. He loved his birthplace so much that even though Tehran had become the Center of all artists, he still stayed in Esfehan and continued to perform at "Shah Abbas" Hotel.

In 1982, after Writing "Yeki Ra Doost Midaram", he left the country.*
Soon that song became the hottest song and everyone started to sing it.

Moein continued to produce hits after hits. So many classics followed; Kabeh, Havas, Esfehan, Miparastam, Parichehr,.....

To date Moein has produced 19 albums. All his songs are within these albums, except a song for Iranian new-year (Don't know the title, but perhaps 'Ey asheghan Iran'?). That ong was a collaboration with Morteza, Andy, Kouros, and Leila Forouhar.

*Note: In one of his rare interviews, Moein actually explains that by the time he arrived to L.A., that songs had already been performed by Hayedeh!
However, interestingly it was his version which became very popular. At that time Hayedeh was (and still is) one of the most popular Persian singers. Moein basically came out of nowhere, performed the song, and the rest is history! It's interesting to note that even to-date many people think Moein has performed Hayedeh's song.

بيوگرافي معين


معين در اصفهان شهر هنرمندان به دنيا آمد. معين عاشق محل تولد خود ، اصفهان بود حتي زماني كه تهران بزرگترين مركز هنرمندان ايران شد باز هم در آن زمان در هتل شاه ابا برنامه اجرا ميكرد.


معين در سال 1982 بعد از به اجرا در آوردن آهنگ " يكي را دوست ميدارم " ايران را ترك كرد.

در حال حاضر معين 19 آلبوم به  بيرون داده است، كه تمام آهنگ هاش در آلبومهاي مختلف هست به جز آهنگي به اسم " اي عاشق ايران" كه براي سال جديد و به همراهي " مرتضي ، اندي، كوروس وو ليلا فروهر اجرا شده است.


توجه: در يكي از مصاحبه ها معين  اشاره كرد كه وقتي وارد لس آنجلس شد متوجه شده بود كه آهنگ " يكي را دوست ميدارم" توسط هديه اجرا شده. در صورتي كه اين همان آهنگي بود كه معين را سرشناس كرد. در ان زمان هديه بهترين ( و هنوز) يكي از بهترين خوانندهاي دنياي موسيقي ايران است. و نكته ي قابل توجه اينكه خيلي از مردم فكر ميكنن كه معين آهنگ هايده را اجرا كرده است.

Yeki Raa Doost Midaram
Bibi Gol
Asheghtar az Man Chekasi
Khaterehaa 7
Beh To Miandisham
Live in Concert
Tavalode Eshgh

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