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Shahram Azar was born in Abadan, in the Province of Khozestan, south of Iran.

baby Shahram AzarHe had a great talent for music since he was very young.  He began singing when he was in elementary school and attracted many youngsters from his school.

During his high school he became very interested in playing an instrument called "Melodica" and started learning to play the instrument.  In a very short time, he played the instrument so well, that he participated in several music contests.  He won the competition in the Province of Khozestan and twice in the country itself. 

Stones - 1975 Abadan

After a period of time, he started playing an electronic keyboard. During his years in high school, he formed a band called "Stones".  After performing several concerts in Abadan and other cities in the Province of Khozestan, this band became very well-known in the

After his graduation from high school, Shahram Azar and his band were invited by one of the well-known club owners of Tehran (the capital city of Iran), to play music for famous singers.  He then moved with his band to Tehran and there he began composing music and recording songs for popular singers.
At the age of 19, he composed a song for one of the famous female singers "Betty" called "Hele Dan Dan".  This became one of the top ten songs in Iran. 

He then followed a course in "Orchestration" and  graduated from Tehran's World Music Conservatory.

Betty - 1977 Tehran

After Iran's revolution in 1979,  music was banned and all entertainment centers were closed down.  Shahram Azar then returned to Abadan.  Shortly after the Gulf war in 1980, he returned back to Tehran and in 1984, he  left for Germany.

Talk To You - 1988 Ulm (Germany)
Shortly after his arrival in Germany, Shahram Azar  joined a German band.  After a year, through a German record company "Aronda", he released a record called "Talk to You".  One year later, he composed a song called "Hi Ho", recorded and released by "Global Record Company" which became one of the top twenty songs in Germany.

In 1987, Shahram Azar together with one of his high school friends, Behzad Pishrow, drum player, formed "Sandy". 

When Sandy's first CD, "Begu Doostamdari" was released in 1993, this group attracted many youth.  When Sandy's second CD, "Dokhtare Hadjialmas" was released in 1994, it brought about an enormous breakthrough for Sandy and attracted many fans from all over the world.

Shahram & Behzad

In 1995, Sandy released his 3rd CD, "Ding Dang", in 1996 "Cobra", in 1998 "Top Singer" and then released his latest CD in 2000 "Raghse Javoona".

Shahram Azar
is the composer and lyric writer of all of Sandy's albums.

In 1998, Shahram Azar composed a song "Rambo" for a German female singer, named B. Kiney. This song "Rambo" was broadcasted all over the world by Pilz Music Company.  After a couple of months, it was rated number 9 on the top ten pop music in Germany, number 18 on the top twenty pop music in Austria and number 21 on the top thirty pop music in Switzerland.  

Shahram & family

Shahram Azar is married and has 2 sons, the older, "Khashayar" and the youngest, "Daniel Kourosh". 

In 1998, Shahram Azar together with his family moved from Germany to the United States of America and now resides in Los Angeles where he pursues his music career. 

Shahram Azar Behzad Pishrow Reza Zamini
Singer, Composer &
Song Writer  
Drummer E-Guitar Player
Shahram Azar Behzad Pishrow Reza Zamini

In 1990, the following joined the group:

Vahid Habibzadeh Homayun Moshir Akhbari
Keyboard Player
E-Bass Player
Vahid Habibzadeh Homayun Moshir Akhbari

In 1995, the group began travelling from Germany to the United States to perform concerts. In the United States, Shahram Azar came across some musicians who shared the same interests in performing music as himself. After several concerts in the United States and other countries around the world, those musicians then joined Shahram Azar and formed the present group.

Shahram Azar and his group now live in Los Angeles, California.

Sandy's present group is:

Shahram Azar Behzad Pishrow Pierre Noghli
Singer, Composer &
Song Writer 
Drummer Drummer
Shahram Azar Behzad Pishrow Pierre Noghli

Shaheen Bandari Oliver Varouzian Ross Wright
Percussion Player Keyboard Player Bass Player
Shaheen Bandari Oliver Varouzian Ross Wright


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